Conference Presentations

Alliance Resource Partners, L.P.  (ARLP) 

AmericanMidstream Partners LP (AMID) 

Antero Midstream Partners LP (AM)

Arc Logistics Partners LP (ARCX) 

Archrock Partners, L.P. (APLP) 

Black Stone Minerals, L.P. (BSM)

Blueknight Energy Partners, L.P. (BKEP)

Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP (BWP)

Buckeye Partners, L.P.  (BPL)

Capital Product Partners L.P.  (CPLP)

Cheniere Energy Partners LP (CQP)*

Ciner Resources LP (CINR)*

CONE Midstream Partners LP (CNNX)

Crestwood Equity Partners LP (CEQP)

CrossAmerica Partners LP (CAPL)

Cypress Energy Partners, L.P.  (CELP) 

DCP Midstream, LP (DCP)

Delek Logistics Partners, LP (DKL)

Dominion Midstream Partners, LP  (DM)

Emerge Energy Services (EMES)*

Enable Midstream Partners, LP (ENBL)

Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P. (EEP)*

Energy Transfer Paartners, L.P. 

EnLink Midstream Partners, LP (ENLK)

Enterprise Products Partners L.P. (EPD) 

Enviva Partners, LP (EVA)

EQT Midstream Partners, LP (EQM) 

GasLog Partners LP (GLOP)

Genesis Energy, L.P. (GEL) 

Global Partners LP (GLP) 

Green PlainsPartners LP (GPP) 

Hi-Crush Partners LP (HCLP)

Höegh LNG Partners LP (HMLP)#

KNOT Offshore Partners LP (KNOT)

Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP (LMRK) 

Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P.  (MMP)

Martin Midstream Partners  L.P. (MMLP)#


NextEra Energy Partners, LP (NEP) 

NGL Energy Partners (NGL)

Noble Midstream Partners LP (NBLX)

NuStar Energy L.P.  (NS)

PBFLogistics LP (PBFX)

Phillips 66 Partners LP (PSXP)*

Plains All American Pipeline, L.P.  (PAA)

Rice Midstream Partners LP (RMP)*

Sanchez Production Partners LP  ( SPP)#

Shell Midstream Partners (SHLX)*

Spectra Energy Partners, LP (SEP)*

Sprague Resources LP (SRLP)

Suburban Propane, L.P. (SPH)*

Summit Midstream Partners, LP (SMLP) 

Sunoco, LP_(SUN)

Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP (TEP)

TC PipeLines, LP_(TCP)

TransMontaigne Partners, L.P. (TLP)

USA Compression Partners, LP  (USAC)

USD Partners, LP (USDP)

Viper Energy Partners LP (VNOM)

WesternGas Partners, LP (WGP)_Presentation

Westlake Chemical Partners LP  (WLKP)

Williams Partners L.P.  (WPZ)

Panel: MLPs and the Tax Code Panel: Fund Managers on MLP Market Trends
*One-on-one meetings only; presentation not  provided #Informal Q and A session; presentation not provided