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  • Infrastructure Snags: What’s So Hard About Moving Energy?

    With all the talk about the extraordinary promise of America’s energy renaissance, it is absolutely necessary to step back and take stock of the distance between simply envisioning America’s energy potential and actually realizing it. In a way, that distance...
    News Article | January 13, 2014
  • Tax Overhaul Should Retain Energy Infrastructure Partnerships

    Tax reform is on everyone’s mind in Washington, and for good reason. The United States has always been a global leader in many areas, yet when it comes to the nation’s tax code, our political leaders are realizing that, in...
    News Article | September 20, 2013
  • The infrastructure supporting America’s energy renaissance begins in Texas

    While many states throughout the nation struggle to make ends meet, surrounded by economic uncertainty, Texas is booming. Robust investment in the energy industry – from deep-water drilling to above ground production, and everything in between – has allowed the...
    News Article | August 28, 2013