The Master Limited Partnership Association is a trade association devoted to promoting the welfare of publicly traded partnerships (commonly known as master limited partnerships or MLPs). Membership is open to publicly traded limited partnerships and publicly traded LLCs taxed as partnerships, general partners and sponsors of PTPs; firms providing services to PTPs; and other businesses or individuals with an interest in the welfare of PTPs. To become a member, a company must submit an application, which is then reviewed and approved by the MLPA Board.

Membership dues for MLPA are $16,000 for large partnerships and general partner members (those with assets of more than $400 million and revenue of more than $200 million); $12,000 for small partnerships; $11,000 for national investment banking firms; $6,000 for accounting, law, and other service firms and regional investment banking firms; $5,000 for Associate Members (primarily buy-side investment firms); and $2,500 for Industry Partners (Yield Cos, former MLPs that are taxed as C-corporations, private equity firms, and private companies).  New members receive a 50% discount for their first year of membership.

Benefits of Membership

MLPA is the only national association representing the MLP industry. It has done this with great success since 1983, with MLPs, service firms, and investment firms working together for the general welfare of MLPs.

For this reason, membership in MLPA is a very visible way to support the MLP industry. MLPA members get early notice of federal and state legislative and regulatory developments affecting MLPs, and a chance to have a voice in how the industry responds.

MLPA also has a PR function in working to educate investors and the general public about MLPs and encourage people to consider them as an investment; investment firms in the Association play an important role in this effort.

MLPA serves an important networking function for those who work with MLPs. It is a great way to meet and gain access to executives of MLPs as well as others in the industry, and to exchange information and ideas.

Members receive access to the Member Section of the MLPA website, which has valuable contact information, information and updates on federal and state matters, briefing materials from the Annual Meeting, etc.

Members are also listed publicly on the association website. Research analysts and others who choose to do so can also have their material, or summaries of their material, posted on the public or the Members section of the MLPA website.

Annual dues are relatively low for a trade association and can be paid in installments if desired.